Thursday, May 3, 2012

Something I wore today! This little girl is what I wore today! She is the little monkey on my back! She is my spitfire, stinker, filled with love and life little girl and I can't imagine what our family would be like without her!
This is what else I wore today! Running shoes/sneakers. I LOVE sneakers and I love to run. I will be very sad when these wear out they have been my favorite pair by far! There is something about a good pair of sneakers that say let's get to work and there is something about a good run that clears the mind of stress and cares.
What else did I wear today. Hmmm...boogers and food on my shirt(I'm a mom), a measureing tape around my neck(I'm a seamstress), a smile(cause I watched "The Proposal" and it made me laugh), a frown (because I found out my son has been lying to me), my watch(I have to know the time), and my wedding ring(it's been almost 12 years! Holy smokes!!)


The Kleyn Family said...

You wear a ton of hats everyday it seems! But you also wear a great friend hat ;-) And how inspiring with those running shoes. I have yet to WEAR OUT a pair of shoes...maybe that should be my new goal!!

Teanne said...

Love all the things you wear. You are a multi-talented lady! And that little Samantha- what a cutie! She is such a sweet girl... also saw your cakes. You are awesome.